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  • Zouk

    Brazilian Zouk, Lambada, LambaZouk

  • Forró

    Forró is an important part of the culture of the Northeastern Region of Brazil. It encompasses va...

  • Bachata

    Bachata and Bachata Sensual

  • Kizomba

    Kizomba is a dance and musical genre that originated in Angola in 1984.

  • Salsa

    Salsa Cubana, Salsa LA Style and more

More dances: Tango Argentino   Fusion   West Coast Swing   Blues   Modern Jive / Ceroc  

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What's New?

  • 2023: There is a great overview per dance available now for all international events, e.g. for Zouk.
  • 2024-01: Permission-Level for Events, Places, Profiles. They can now be managed by multiple users..
  • 2024-01: Recurring events possible (weekly/biweekly). Set up once, and it auto-creates itself into the future.
  • 2024-02: Quick-Login using Login Links per email instead of password.
  • 2024-02: When creating an account and logging in, you will automatically be able to continue with all events that you created as guest.
  • 2024-03: Visit counters for cities, places, events, profiles.
  • 2024-04: Compare views - visually compare events you are going to with your friends.

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