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During Covid the next years one should aim to focus less on international, and more on regional and small events. Especially classes and workshops that provide safe environment and are visited as fixed dance couple. Also virtual events are great.
We want to help building strong local dance networks here. Allowing these events to happen while still trying to adhere to the situation at hand.

We do list international festivals, but want to focus on regional classes and workshops until contact limitations are lifted.

What's your dance?

  • Zouk

    Brasilian Zouk

  • Bachata

    Bachata Sensual

  • Salsa

    Salsa Cubana, Salsa LA Style and more

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You are a developer/organizer and want to join in? Or you want to inform about your city's events?
Reach out to us :)

COVID announcement:
We want everyone to be safe. Please always check if you can join any event with a fixed partner.
For international events make sure everyone isolates before and after the event as much as possible. Consider taking a rapid test (15min) the day before or the day of the event (15-30 EUR) if in doubt.

See our guidelines for more details.