Cities and ambassadors

Every country, better yet every city, should have their ambassadors. They can be event organizers, teachers or just dancers. Everyone can help to provide the festivals, the workshops, the classes in that area.

If you want to help out here for your area, please reach out.
You can also directly propose a new city.


Report an event or class that is potentially unsafe with a few notes on why you think it is. We can then unlist those on this website or add specific warnings.


The main language of this site is English. That includes events, cities and other contributed content. We want this to be a truly inclusive project. Only the international base language English can provide this. The plan is to provide certain translation and localization features in the future, to more easily reach also non-English speakers.

If you add content, please do so in English. Some data like cities contain also a localized name (E.g. Munich => M√ľnchen). This also helps to find these by either way of writing/searching.
The linked URL (FB event, homepage) can still contain content in the native language. We just want to make it easier to have the content available for everyone.


We want to provide an open format to also exchange public information where possible. For example events and dance locations can be shared with other websites.

Note: At no point we share personal data with anyone. They are protected under GDPR and German privacy laws (which are one of the world's strictest).

coming soon...


  • Dance Partners - might be moved to platform.
  • Contact Persons per country/city to find info/help
  • Couchsurfing